5 Tips To stop procrastinating things in life

According to the research, every person on this planet is a procrastinator. Everyone at some point of time procrastinate things.

I repeat everyone which includes the most successful person you can imagine.


Now the question arises how to stop procrastinating things…..

Here are 5 simple tips to stop procrastination in your life…..

  • Focus on the task and ONLY on the task:  How many of us even focus on the task. Focus a small word but has a very powerful meaning. We focus on everything except the task. Only thing is to shift our focus from those things and start focusing on the task.for( i=start; i==task end; i++)




  •   To – Do list : Make a To-Do list. The other day I read this quote….                                                                 85e04d3f6ec84883f6c9f3578c493e22--health-fitness-quotes-fitness-sayings

Make a to-do list every day and make sure you stick to that through out your day. Biggest Mistake we do while making a to-do list is that we get unrealistic while making a list. We should try to be as realistic as possible in our and start our day by achieving smaller tasks. No matter what happens always stick your To-Do list. People generally stop focusing on the list they start editing it in between. Be true to what ever you write once. Never change your timetable.

  • “Want to” instead of “Have to” : While making your time table or thinking about the task always say I “Want to do this” never say “I have to do”. It will give you a new energy and change your approach. You will not only start doing the task but also excel in it. Increase your thirst, increase your want in life.


  • Break the task : Do not think of it as the very big task and do not try to achieve it in one go. Break the task into further sub-tasks and further break those sub tasks into smaller achievable tasks. Try to achieve these achievable tasks. Because according to human psychology smaller achievements boosts our moral and thus help us in achieving bigger feats easily. If you will not break up your task you will get disheartened and you won’t be able to achieve it.
  • What if I am not able to achieve to it :  Just think of the day when you won’t be able to achieve your task. Imagine the day when you will be crying just because you were busy procrastinating things. When ever you feel like procrastinating start remembering what if you fail. Many dreams will get killed along with you. Never ever think about “You will succeed always think that what if you fail”.

Stop procrastinating the only difference between you and the better you is you procrastinating habit.

Go get up and live your dream before anyone else snatch it from you….





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