b9.jpgBLUE WHALE CHALLENGE is an online game which originally began in Russia but now is claimed to exist in most of the countries across the world.It began in 2013 by “F57” one of the “death groups” of the VKontakte social network . This game has said have taken lives of many teenagers across the world and is spreading like a wildfire.

22 year old,Philipp Budeikin is said to be the creator of this game. He studied sound engineering and psychology for three years until he was expelled from the university. He was imprisoned by the Siberian court for the invention of this game which is said to have taken lives of more than 100 teenagers all over the world. In an interview he mentioned “THERE ARE PEOPLE AND THERE IS BIOLOGICAL WASTES. THOSE WHO DO NOT REPRESENT ANY VALUE TO THE SOCIETY, WHO CAUSE OR WILL CAUSE HARM TO THE SOCIETY.I WAS CLEANSING THE SOCIETY OF SUCH PEOPLE.” He confessed encouraging 16 teenager girls to commit suicide. b10.jpg

Even with the creator in the jail, the game is still claiming lives indicating the vast network this game has created.


In this the administrator/curators of the game contact the player online and give them 50 tasks for 50 days THE LAST ONE BEING COMMITTING THE SUICIDE.Tasks involve players mutilating themselves and even the tasks which cause brain washing of the player which ultimately cause them to commit suicide.

   Some of the tasks include-

  • carve specific phrases on person’s own hand
  • wake at 4.20 am and go to the roof
  • go to the bridge and stand at the edge
  • watch scary movies early in the morning send by the curator
  • listen to the musics send by the administrator for days
  • carve a whale on the hand
  • scratch messages on the hand with the blade
  • cut your lips
  • poke yourself many times with the needle
  • talk with a whale (another player or can even be the administrator)
  • After these steps, steps 30-49 involve watching horror movies and listening to music that the curator picks.
  • the final task is jumping of the building and killing yourself

Psychologists believe that these tasks easily convince an impressionable teenager to hurt themselves. The music which the players are made to listen stimulate the parts of brain that stimulate negative feelings and emotions.

Many teenagers have been saved at the final stages of the game. One of the survivor mentioned “It is not an app or a game to be downloaded. It is just a link customised for individuals playing the game by the Blue Whale admin.”Fortunate for him , his family members noticed his odd behaviour and approached the police on time.

It is a virtual death trap. It has taken lives in many countries now including INDIA. A 16-year-old boy from Kerala was reported to have committed suicide on 26 July 2017, after playing the online Blue Whale game. A 14 year old boy in Andheri, Mumbai committed suicide by jumping off the building.Yet many teens have been saved in time. Their mental condition revealed depression to large extent . They have been made stable after several counselling sessions.




Parents are advised to communicate with their children on daily basis.Parents should monitor their children very closed and any odd behaviour if noticed should be immediately checked – in particular if the child if getting violent/ depressed , surfing the internet for long in the night , spend long lonely hours , avoiding public contact etc . While it is important not to panic , yet if a person if found out to be already playing the game, people around him are advised to contact the police immediately and restrict any internet usage by the victim and seek advise for safety measures.




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