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Whats app announced the launch of a platform for the businesses to communicate with their customers. Whats App Chief Operating Officer, MATT IDEMA said , “We know businesses have many different needs – they want an official presence – a verified profile so people can identify a business from another person – and an easier way to respond to messages. We’re building and testing new tools via a free WhatsApp Business app for small companies and an enterprise solution for bigger companies operating at a large scale with a global base of customers, like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks.”It will allow customers to communicate via the whats app messages rather than emails and contacts.


In the coming months whats app will be testing this new feature and make it easier for the people to communicate with their businesses via whats app messages. People were concerned about doing business over whats app and were worried whether it is authentic or not. Whats app aim to solve all these problem and bring out the best for its users.

WhatsApp is yet to work out details of what it would charge, saying it was focused now on refining features with companies helping to test the application. Initially the services provided will be free, but whats app do plan to charge businesses in future.

Whats app will soon have the verified profiles for official business. Whats app will be working on its CLOSED PILOT PROGRAMME  to verify the business account with a GREEN CHECKMARK 142006424127072 and differentiating them from personal account and fake.Officially, WhatsApp says it is already testing a “new, free business app for small companies and as well an enterprise solution for bigger firms.” In fact few reports say BOOK MY SHOW already has a profile on whats app and is one of the early partner in the testing. Whats app revealed that all the messages will be end to end encrypted so that no third party like Facebook or Whats app can read them.Its is totally up to the company whether they want the involvement of the third party or not.

India is one of the most important single user based platform with more than 200 million users on whats app today. India will provide a massive platform for this feature to succeed. Currently, the WhatsApp platform is used by many small businesses in India to convert clients and drive sales. Whats app is currently closed pilots with businesses to monitise its services in India.

15e56667945a5e9d13ea9128c4563beb.pngWith the introduction of this feature whats app  look to monetize the app. With the new app, the Facebook-owned company hopes that businesses will be able to establish direct contact with consumers seamlessly while ensuring authenticity.With more than 1 billion daily active users, this could have a major consequence on the users.



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