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Founded by MATT MULLENWEG and MIKE LITTLE on May 27 2003, Word press is a free Content Management System, which provides a free platform for many purposes including blogging , portfolios and website designing. It was initially released as an open source platform – now it has become the fastest growing CMS based on PHP(hypertext preprocessor). Today Word press is the most popular website management and blogging system which at presents supports more than 60 million websites. Currently Word Press acquires 65% of the total global market with 25% of the websites in the world and 76.5 million blog sites.


  • There are plenty of CMSs sites (nearly over 60 million) yet Word press continues to dominate over all these sites- Word press is the easiest CMS platform one can find. It is free and easy to use and understand. It is more than just a blog publishing platform.



  • Word press is joined by millions of users everyday – people quickly adapt to Word press as it is fairly easy to use. Most of the people joining word press are neither designers nor programmers. Most of them even do not have any knowledge of web designing.To start a word press site or blog, all that is required is a domain that can be easily obtained by blue host or go daddy.


  • It provides wide range of versatility and flexibility to create any type of website. Word Press is capable of creating any style of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. You can even use Word Press to create an online store.


  • There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins available for free so you can give your website any look you want. You can download, install and use them on any websi123te. There is a perfect theme available for every kind of website. Even customisation of the themes is very easy . All settings are provided in a control panel under Word Press dashboard. The dashboard is quite user-friendly simple interface makes it possible to customise most of the elements of your website in an easy manner.


  • The safety in word press is also considered and is considered quiet safe and secure to run any website. Word Press constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. In fact, Word Press has an automatic update feature ever since the release of version 3.7.
  • Word press is even social netwoScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 1.00.01 amrking friendly- it Automatically integrates blog posts with social media sites instead of having to go to each one, login, and make a post visible on your profile.The sharing and commenting functionality lets you monitor users’ engagement.


  • Not just writing, Word Press can supports all sorts of media including images audio and video 640px-medialibrary_listview.pngcontent. One can also use document or file management. Content of the website or the blog an easily be altered by the user itself without any help of web designer.


  • According to Google, Word Press is 99 % SEO friendly and can be made even more SEO friendly by using the SEO plugin.


  • Word press is Mobile friendly. All the websites apart from being mobile friendly can easily accommodate smart phones and tablets. Word Press automatically recognises if a person is viewing the site through a web browser or mobile device and configures the content to be viewed on either.


  • With Word press it is even possible to schedule the posts to be published on the site on whatever time and date the user wants.Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 1.02.22 am.png


wordpress-custom-post-types.jpgDue to it’s robust features, Word press remains the best CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM present over the internet today. WordPress has managed to achieve the best balance of convenience and innovation, which is reflected by its growing popularity. Not only for blogging and websites, Word press turns out to be an excellent platform for business / corporate companies to boost their values. Because WordPress hires top-notch developers, you can be certain that WordPress is only going to get better as time goes on. You can do literally everything with WordPress.

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