Public Speaking Tips

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Speaking in public is the most feared thing in the world. Yes it is feared more than DEATH. When asked to deliver a presentation or speak in front of someone everyone goes blank. I still remember my times when I was in my school and even reciting a poem in front of my friends used to make me embarrassed. But, today I can deliver in front of the audience very confidently. Here are few tips which I did to be good at public speaking…



  1. Just do it –  Believe me just do it. Everyone on this planet has gone through this fear, no matter how good a speaker he is. So the first tip is just do it. Take the initiative stop saying no and stop running away.
  2. Know your audience –  Second most important thing a good public speaker do is that he knows his audience. Now knowing doesn’t mean to know their info but try to get a idea what is your audience and what do they demand from you. For example your audience is young children and you are giving them life lessons that will definitely bore them. So before preparing a speech always know what your audience expects from you.
  3. Make mirror your friend – Rehearse in front of mirror. Before going in front of the audience first deliver your speech in front of mirror. Your first audience should be you. You are your best judge, so always deliver your speech in front of yourself.
  4. Record what you say –  Make video recording of your speech and watch it when you are done. This will help you correcting your mistakes. Recording helps us to improve two things. Firstly, our Body Language can only be improved if see the video recording again and again so that we will realise the areas where we need to improve and how to do hand movements. Secondly, Voice Intonation  can also improved only when we repeatedly watch our videos and see where we are lacking.
  5. Never learn always internalise –  The biggest mistake that we do as a beginner is that we try to learn our speech and the moment we forget something we become nervous and loose our confidence so the best way to avoid this is to internalise your speech. Break your speech into smaller parts and try to internalise it. Even if you forget you can start from some other point.

Believe me if you follow these five steps you will become a good public speaker…….



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