An untold story of a mother from Maharashtra

A modern version of Mother Teresa, Sindhutai Sapkal, lovingly called as Mai…. is one of the most inspiring women you’ll ever come across.


Born in a community where traditions meant,”a girl is a burden who doesn’t have a right for education,who is born to bear kids and who is meant to spend all her life in the kitchen . “Didn’t stop her from opening her window to education . All thanks to her father who was keen in educating his daughter against her mom’s traditions . She studied till class 4 and eventually was married to a 30 Year old man at the age of 13! Thinking about it gives me goosebumps  . I was busy dealing with my homework back in that age . Anyway ,continuing with the story she bore 3 kids while she reached twenty !While living in an orthodox family in the district of wardha she alleged the men with power of forcing the villagers to sell the cowdung ( used as a fuel ) to the forest department free which was wrong as it was one way of earning their daily bread . The collector after hearing her plea took action against the men who then forced her husband to abandon her . When I read about this I was infuriated by the narrow mindedness of people back then . (Sighs,Feels lucky not to be born in that decade)


She was 9 months pregnant when she was told to leave . How more cruel could a human being be ? She thought of going to her mother’s place who slammed the door on her face . Once a girl is married she should forget her first family-another ‘tradition’

   While wandering on the streets she experienced labour . With no clinics or any houses  in the vicinity ,she took shelter in a cow shed and delivered her daughter on her own.
No food , another responsibility ,no shelter was eating her up she thought of committing  suicide but soon recovered and erased that vice. She wandered from one place to another ,begging only to notice there were more like her -orphans . “Hunger made her speak “,she said in one of her interviews .Kids who belonged to no one ,abandoned and left unattended. She felt the pinch and began adopting such kids . She decided to take care of them ,to provide them education and basic amenities needed for survival . A woman who herself was fighting for her daily bread took a revolutionary step for kids dealing with the same circumstances ! That definitely needs a big heart .
She roamed with all of them …and lived in different places usually cemeteries to save herself from men as she was young .She adopted everyone and anyone who needed a Mai ( mother). She never worked for recognition or fame or money . But soon she was recognized ,her deeds were apparent. She won 750 awards for her noble deed ,did you ever hear about her ? She uses the money earned through such awards for the betterment of her kids .When sindhutai was left alone ..she had noone except her daughter and today she has a family of 1042 kids who are now doctors ,teachers and into other renowned professions. Some of her daughters have started their own orphanage to support her. Today she is happy to be a mai of so many children.
She had adopted her own biological daughter to take care of the other adopted kids . I guess no mother can be so kind as she is . I thought of writing about her because she serves us an epitome of selfless service ,the art of giving without expecting anything in return . We need to learn to give rather than taking  all the time. That’s what Mai did and God blessed her with so many flowers from his garden. Her abusive husband finally realised his mistake and showed up at her steps with an apology which she accepted and now he is her eldest son . One noble deed leads to 10000 and more noble deeds .Long live Mai,long live her love .
We need more people like Sindhutai Sakpal, to make this World a Better Place…..




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