Electric Cars: Sorted by Range

With all the amazing qualities of an EV, we can’t neglect the fact that they are very tightly bounded by short distance range, In petrol or diesel  we are not bounded by range. We can go everywhere. Electric cars are limited by range and speed. Most of these cars have range about 50-100 miles and need to be recharged again. You just can’t use them for long journeys as of now, although it is expected to improve in future. In this article we’ll help you to understand the range of EV and how far it can go.

  1. Tesla model x 289 up to miles
  2. Tesla Model S 265 up to miles
  3. Chevrolet bolt 238 miles
  4. Tesla model 3 up to 220 miles
  5. Nissan Leaf 200 miles
  6. Volkswagen e-golf 124 miles
  7. KIA soul 111 miles
  8. Hyundai Ioniq Electric 110 miles
  9. BMW i3 114 miles
  10. Mercedes-Benz B-Class 87 miles



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